Aromas del Ecuador 2017

Aromas del Ecuador 2017 it's a specialized busines matchmaking event, part of the 5th World Cocoa Summit, Pro Ecuador provides a showcase to exhibit and promote the best in Ecuadorian Coffee, Cocoa and Chocolate production.

Guest countries: Germany, Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, China, South Korea, Spain, USA, France, Holland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Peru, United Kindom, Rusia, Sweden, and Turkey.


Centro de Convenciones de Guayaquil. Av de las Américas. Nro 406, Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Date: August 30 to September 1, 2017

Hora: 08H00 - 18H00

Event Schedule

  • Registration - August 11
  • Company Validation - August 11
  • B2B Agenda - August 14 to 25
  • removal or changes in participants - August 21 to 23
  • Aromas del Ecuador - August 30 to September 1

Busines Matchmaking

August 30

A business event where buyers and exporter get togheter to know and promote ecuador's premium quality production.

Coffee, Cocoa and Chocolate Showroom

august 30 - September 1

Ecuador is currently the 4th Cocoa Producer in the world and it's considered the biggest "fine or flavour" type Cocoa producer in the world.

5ht Barista National Championship

August 31

The best baristas in the country take part in this competition that will decide who represents Ecuador in the World Barista Championship.

Field visits to local producers

August 31 - September 1

Guided visit on local plantations to show the high quality standars in local Coffee and Cocoa production.

In numbers


millions on projected businesess


Coffee, Cocoa and Chocolate businessmen