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Ecuador is located in the Northwest part of South America. The Andes Mountains cross the country from North to South, with more than 80 volcanoes. The Chimborazo mountain is considered the highest volcanoe of the world with 6310meters above sea level. On the West side of the Andes is the coast where Guayaquil is located. And to the East side is the Amazon Rainforest. Ecuador has the highest concentration of biodiversity per square kilometer in the world. In Ecuadorian territory, that includes the Galapagos Islands 1,000 km west of the coast; we have the densest biodiversity in the planet.

Borders: North with Colombia, South and East with Peru and West with the Pacific Ocean.

Area: 283,561km.

Capital Quito.

Population: Aprox. 16 millions.

Currency: US Dollar


Guayaquil is the crowdest and biggest city in Ecuador. The urban area lines with the biggest cities in Latin America. It is also an important center of commerce with regional influence in finances, politics, culture and entertainment. Guayaquil is the capital of the Province.

Population: 2'634,016 in its metropolitan area.

Weather: Warm temperature all year long. Its proximity to the Pacific Ocean allows the Humboldt cold stream and the Niño warm stream to mark two perfectly differentiated seasons. The first, rainy and humid from December to April, with the typical tropic warmth; the second, cool from May to December know as summer with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 27 °C in June.


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